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Meet the Owner

Kristie McCready


Kristie McCready is the visionary behind The Parlour on Lorraine. With a rich background spanning over 13 years in hairstyling and salon ownership across the country, Kristie recognized an unmet need for a nurturing event space upon her arrival in Gulfport in June of 2022. Transitioning seamlessly from the beauty to the hospitality industry, Kristie's fervor for crafting unforgettable moments resonates in every corner of The Parlour on Lorraine, characterized by its elegant ambiance and bespoke service.


Beyond mere event hosting, Kristie is driven by a deeper purpose—to empower small businesses and individuals by providing a platform for self-expression, growth, and safety. Her aspiration is to cultivate a space that not only benefits its patrons but also enriches the surrounding community.


Kristie's unwavering dedication to excellence ensures that each guest receives an unparalleled experience, whether it be a wedding, corporate function, or intimate gathering. Her tireless commitment to perfection is a testament to her genuine passion for hospitality and her desire to create meaningful connections within The Parlour on Lorraine and beyond.

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